Why You Should Own a Good Pen

Writing is something we all do. Taking a pen and laying it to paper is a skill we start to develop from our very early years. Getting your first set of crayons or markers and scribbling away on the fresh blank paper provided is great fun (as is using the wall, floor, windows – until we are caught)

In school we graduate to pencils and pens, learn how to make letters, spell and write. With each new grade we get different pens and pencils to use. Always enjoyable to start the school year with the new writing instruments.

Then as we continue to age, the pen becomes a tool – signing our name on contracts, writing checks, sending greeting cards, taking notes at meetings, etc. There is also the pleasure of writing a friend or loved one a note to go along with the greeting card, or card included with the flowers to your sweetie.

Pens are like people, with many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. Our pens can also be more thanDSC_6676 just a writing instrument – they are a colorful and sophisticated addition to our shirt pocket, a small statement of importance as we pull that sterling silver beauty from our handbag to sign the receipt. A pocketful of pens may make a statement that we are a nerd and proud of it.

Pens are used to create documents, capture our thoughts and ideas, and communicate with our friends and co-workers. Pens are available from the freebie plastic advertising ones that we pick up at the bank, store or realtor’s office, to the hand made gold and jewel encrusted beauties that are much more a work of art.

Different pens can help us think differently. When collecting your thoughts or just doodling, you will think differently using a ball point, a felt tip, a fountain pen or even colored pencils.


I love pens, having different ones for different types of writing.


How do you choose a pen – find one that ‘fits’ you. When you are looking for a pen, price should not be your first consideration. You have to try different pens to see how they feel in your hand, how they look to you and make you feel. Is it comfortable to hold, is it pleasing to your eye…

But first, what kinds of pens are there. Starting with the quill pens used by our forefathers to write such elegant things as the Declaration of Independence – we have the modern day fountain pen. A fountain pen is an elegant, personal, writing instrument. It uses liquid ink from a bottle or cartridge. The nib, or writing tip, is what delivers the ink to the paper. Nibs come in various sizes (fine, medium, bold) as well as different materials (steel, rhodium, gold).

How you write is a part of the criteria for selecting a nib. The nib determines smoothness and flexibility. Most hand writing would use a medium nib. If you write small perhaps a fine nib would be better. Use flourish in your signature when signing those important contract, maybe a bold nib is what you seek. The size of the nib is what allows the ink flow to the paper. The larger the nib, the more ink will make it to the paper.

An advantage of the fountain pen is the wide variety of colors available in the ink. You could even mix colors to have your unique ink color. The Roller Ball is something of a blend between the fountain pen and the ballpoint. Roller balls use a liquid ink that has a smooth and fluid flow, and most have caps to keep the ink from drying out. Like the ballpoint, they work very well for carbon copies. The Ballpoint pen is the most popular. A good ballpoint writes smoothly, without skipping on most surfaces. The ink is something of a thick paste that will not dry out when the point is exposed. There are usually twist-off or click mechanisms to retract the point when the pen is not in use.

Rollerball pens are one of the newer introductions. They use a unique type ink that is able to be mixed with some very interesting colors. The rollerball pens write smoothly, yet dry quickly. And there is always the mechanical pencil.

Each of these instruments can be purchased in a wide variety of price ranges. Price does not necessarily mean the pen will write better. At a certain point, you are paying for the exterior of the pen, what it is made out of, how many are there. Some pens are released in limited editions so there is a fixed amount available in the world, this would add to a pen’s value and price.  It all depends on what works for you. I have pens costing in the tens of dollars that write as well as pens costing hundreds.

When you look for a pen, be sure to hold it and write with it. How does it feel in your hand, how does it make you feel when you use it. Does it have a good quality feel, makes your writing smooth, makes you want to write more – then that may be the pen for you.

Pens are also colorful and different. You could own many, using certain pens at special times. You can have fun with your pens and make simple statements -using the polka dot favorite during Easter, the red and green swirl during Christmas. The orange with black trim is perfect for the Halloween season.
A good pen feels good in your hand and makes you want to write. The best way to select a pen is to give one a try and see how you like it. If it feels good, that’s the one for you.

Bottom line:  Your pen defines you.  It accessorizes you.  It makes a statement about who you are.  Whether you are someone looking for something nicer than the office supply store pens or an avid pen collector, King Pens has a pen for you!

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